MSAC meeting minutes: April 2017

Meeting of the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council
Wednesday 2 February 2017, ACC Justice Centre, Wellington, 9.00am – 4.00 pm

21 Apr 2017


Mark Gilbert (MG) – Chair, Janice Millman (JM), Jo Buckner (JBu), David Golightly (DG), David White (DW), Alan Petrie (AP), Johan Bosch (JBo), 


Harriet Palmer (HP) SenateSHJ; Tracey Jury (TJ) SenateSHJ (minute taker)


Emma Powell (EP); Stu Ross (SR); Dave Keilty (DK) ACC; Harry Wilson (HW) NZTA, Di Gamble (DG) NZTA; Peter McKennie (PK) NZ Police


Andrew Darrell (AD)

1.0 Welcome, updates and administration

Chair’s welcome and overview of agenda

  1. Chair discussed Interests Register with Council and reminded members to keep it up to date.
  2. JBo noted a change to his interests – no longer works at Site Safe. AP and AD to inform of new roles. The register will be updated.


  1. Andrew Darrell was an apology for the meeting.

Correspondence since last meeting

  1. Council discussed correspondence from Local Government New Zealand and noted the Chair will follow up a proposed meeting
  2. Council noted the importance of following up correspondence requiring a response. Council suggested a column be added to the correspondence register outlining next steps and due date. This will ensure follow-up.
  3. Council asked what follow up mechanism is in place for correspondence forwarded to the Transport Agency and AT etc. The Secretariat will follow up and report at each meeting.
  4. Council discussed lane splitting and options to address issues around lane splitting, including a need to an awareness campaign and research. Council agreed to review guidance on the Ride Forever website, and in the NZ Road Code and decide next steps at the June meeting. Council also noted that lane splitting was a good topic for discussion for the Motorcycle Safety Summit.

Confirmation of last meeting’s minutes

  1. MG noted some changes for pages 4-5 of previous meeting minutes to read “ACC notes that any motorcycle safety initiative may be funded from the Motorcycle Safety Levy”.
  2. With changes made, minutes proposed by JBu, seconded by AP, carried by all.

Review of actions

  1. Most items were complete or covered by the meeting’s agenda.
  2. DW noted he was unaware of any further developments on ACC’s Single Source of Truth project. ACC provided an update during the meeting and agreed to follow-up with a more extensive briefing after the meeting.
  3. DW is yet to engage with Porirua City Council re motorcycle safety. He will update the Council once he has done so.
  4. Council discussed the necessity for a calendar of events in the meeting papers. It was decided the Secretariat will update MSAC on any motorcycle safety events ACC is planning to attend. Council will keep informed of other upcoming events through their own networks.  

Member roundtable: other actions or updates since last meeting

  1. JBu has engaged with electric ag-bike companies, and will continue to monitor and engage with the sector identify any potential safety issues or opportunities the Council should be recommending to ACC.
  2. DG and JBo attended ACC workshops on rider training.  


  1. Update Interests Register reflect update provided by Jbo, AP and AD (Secretariat)
  2. Follow up with Auckland Transport regarding web inquiry about road condition in Henderson (Secretariat)
  3. Follow up with Transport Agency regarding web inquiry about road condition on Desert Road (Secretariat)
  4. Add a ‘next steps/due date’ column to Correspondence Register for future meetings (Secretariat)
  5. Follow up with LGNZ re meeting with Chair (MG)
  6. Send Council lane splitting information from Ride Forever website and NZ Road Code (Secretariat)
  7. Add lane-splitting to suggested agenda for Motorcycle Safety Summit (JM)
  8. Update Council on engagement with Porirua City Council at June, when appropriate (DW)
  9. Brief DW on Single Source of Truth and involved going forward (ACC)
  10. Update MSAC on any motorcycle safety events ACC is planning to attend (Secretariat)

2.0 Thought leadership and initiatives

MG discussed the purpose of this session, outlining the importance of progressing MSAC’s priority initiatives.

Update on rider engagement initiative – presented by JM

  1. JM updated Council on the progress of the Motorcycle Safety Summit, noting she and MG met with ACC (EP) on 27 February to discuss a possible business case.
  2. JM thanked ACC for making the time. 
  3. A second meeting is scheduled for 23 April and will include partner agencies the New Zealand Transport Agency and AA. The meeting will confirm objectives of the summit and identify next steps. JM asked the Council for any feedback or input about the ahead of the meeting.
  4. Council discussed a need to include the motorcycle community, and suggested connecting with club leaders.
  5. MG would like JM to continue to be MSAC’s point of contact for this project, and noted the Minister for ACC would like to see the event happen post-election- within October 2017.
  6. JBu thanked JM for the time and effort she was putting into the summit. Chair concurred.

Update on training initiative – presented by DG

  1. DG used the Systems Approach to Training and the ADDIE system to assess the Ride Forever programme.
  2. He identified a need to develop a syllabus for instructors to ensure training is standardised across the country.
  3. Council discussed the possibility for the development of accreditation, evaluation, and independent auditing of Ride Forever instructors and the Ride Forever Syllabus.
  4. Council also discussed the potential of including Ride Forever training, and particularly bronze training, in the Competency Based Training Assessment. Council decided to continue to engage with ACC on the development of Ride Forever, and will recommend that ACC conducts a thorough review of the programme. DG will collate Council feedback into an investment process template for submission to ACC.
  5. Council noted their support of the Ride Forever initiative, and recognised its effectivity.

Update on Rider Safety Rating – presented by DW/JBo

  1. Council discussed the Rider Safety Rating initiative, noting it is an opportunity to offer riders an incentive to safety, instead of relying on enforcement.
  2. MG noted the Minister for ACC is interested in this idea, and MSAC has committed to keeping him updated on the progress of this initiative.
  3. Council agreed that the next step for advancing the initiative is to complete a literature review to understand what other jurisdictions are doing in this space and which factors could be included in the Rider Safety Rating.


  1. Send feedback on Motorcycle Safety Summit to JM ahead of 23 April meeting with New Zealand Transport Agency, ACC and AA (all Council)
  2. Meet with ACC, AA and NZTA to progress motorcycle safety summit on 23 April 2017 (JM)
  3. JM to send key outcomes and objectives from 23 April meeting to Council (JM)
  4. Send feedback on rider training initiative to DG by 14 April (all Council)
  5. Incorporate Council feedback on rider training initiative into investment process template, and send to Council for feedback (DG)
  6. Send rider training investment process template to ACC for discussion (MG)
  7. Complete rider safety rating investment process template and circulate to Council for feedback (JBo/DW)
  8. Send rider safety rating investment process template to ACC for consideration (MG)

3.0 Communications and engagement

  1. Council discussed the MSAC talking points, and decided to update this document. An updated draft will be circulated at the June meeting. 
  2. MG discussed his meeting with the Minister for ACC, noting that MSAC will continue to engage with the Minister on key topics (such as the Motorcycle Safety Summit) as appropriate.


  1. Send feedback on MSAC talking points booklet to Secretariat by May 5 (All council)
  2. Update talking points based on Council feedback and include in June meeting papers (Secretariat)

4.0 Preparation for listening sessions

  1. HP presented on the importance of active listening and critical questioning ahead of session with external speakers.


Send listening presentation link to video to members (secretariat)

5.0 listening (New Zealand Transport Agency)

Chair welcomed Harry Wilson (HW), Road Safety Director and Diane Gamble (DGa), National Manager Strategic Engagement & Communications from New Zealand Transport Agency to the meeting.

Roads and roadsides

  1. NZTA discussed the importance road design and roadsides in keeping motorcyclists safe. .
  2. DGa indicated MSAC may consider recommending some of the Motorcycle Safety Levy be used to support the maintenance of roads under the jurisdiction of smaller local councils facing funding challenges

Opportunities for collaboration

  1. NZTA indicated it would like to work with MSAC, and use its expertise and knowledge of motorcycle safety.
  2. The Council agreed to keep NZTA informed about the progress of its initiatives.
  3. DGa invited MSAC to attend the monthly cross-sector motorcycle safety meeting-
  4. AP thanked HW and DGa for their time.  


  1. Share rider training initiative proposal with NZTA, when appropriate (MG)
  2. Engage with NZTA about Motorcycle Safety Summit, as and when appropriate (MG)
  3. Discuss regular speaking slots for NZTA at MSAC meetings (Secretariat)
  4. Discuss how best to work with partner agencies to promote the environmental benefits of motorcycling (Secretariat)
  5. Secretariat to follow up and ensure MSAC attendance at next cross-sector motorcycle safety meeting and provide Council with update (DW/ secretariat)

6.0 listening (NZ Police)

Chair welcomed Peter McKennie (PM), Manager Operations, Road Policing from NZ Police to the meeting.

  1. PM discussed positive results from motorcycle safety operations in Central and Southern Police Districts.
  2. PM noted that Police are encouraging training and are targeting improving rider behaviour, alongside enforcement. Council indicated that Police may be able to engage with motorists about lane splitting, which is a contentious issue.
  3. PM discussed the mobile-based crash reporting system used by Police. He indicated that there was an opportunity for MSAC to engage with NZTA and Police to add useful details into the crash reporting system so that the data that is collected is useful.


  1. Engage with HW/PM about opportunity for MSAC to contribute to redesign of CAS system (Secretariat). 

7.0 Report from ACC

Chair welcomed Emma Powell (EP), Stu Ross (SR) and Dave Keilty (DK) to the meeting.

  1. ACC slide pack provided before the meeting was taken as read.
  2. ACC presented latest Ride Forever figures, and noted timing of evaluation of Ride Forever is not currently known. DK said he would update Council as soon as more information was known. Council expressed a desire to continue to recommend the MSL for Ride Forever, but discussed the need for an independent review of its performance and business case presentation moving forward. ACC to present this at next Council meeting.
  3. JBu raised earlier discussions about rider training, noting the Council would like to standardise training requirements. MG confirmed that Council will send ACC its recommendations.
  4. Council also discussed the Rider Safety Rating initiative, indicating Council will send ACC its recommendations.
  5. ACC presented its forward investment programme for motorcycle safety, noting PPE and vehicle technology initiatives are still in progress. Key priorities include: communications and engagement and training, and ACC would like to work with the Council to progress both of these priorities. Council discussed the need for all five pillars of the shared ACC and MSAC strategy to be addressed in any strategy and to be included on the one pager. ACC to develop a 3 year plan, that picks up MSAC/ACC Strategic Themes and presents the project in such a way that MSAC can sign off MSL recommendations for spend. ACC to present this at the next Council meeting.
  6. ACC noted that Ministry of Transport will be responsible for progressing ABS initiatives, as part of its Safer Journeys work- only question is when this will happen. Secretariat to follow this up with MoT.
  7. Council discussed the importance of engaging with industry to determine which technological factors should be a priority for motorcycle safety, and suggested ACC engage with MG and AP to progress this.
  8. Council discussed branding and agreed to use Safer Journeys logo (instead of MSAC logo) if there are advertising restrictions. MSAC would like brand recognition in other collateral (such as media releases), when appropriate.
  9. Both parties discussed the importance of working together to activate one plan to improve motorcycle safety. Council discussed the importance of ACC driving the meeting agenda and providing updates for feedback.


  1. Let Council know when Ride Forever evaluation research is expected and present three  year MSL spend proposals, linked to the strategic themes at the next Council meeting- June (ACC)
  2. Ensure work plans are aligned with five pillars before June meeting (ACC)
  3. Meet with AP and MG to discuss priority of technological factors (ACC)
  4. Meet with MOT to discuss progress of ABS initiative and report back to MSAC (ACC)
  5. MG to meet with Motor Industry Association (MIA) to discuss industry uptake of technology (MG/ Secretariat)
  6. Send ACC MSAC recommendations on rider training and Rider Safety Rating, when appropriate (MG)
  7. Council to receive critical success factors document and performance improvement document from EP (ACC)

8.0 Other matters

Update on Northern Coromandel Loop

Taken as read.

9.0 Summary of discussion and actions

  1. Council were reminded to keep a record of their time spent on MSAC commitments. The chair will provide a timesheet and clarify with ACC when additional time can be charged. MG to bring to next Council meeting once an understanding of costs is known.
  2. MG advised he will be talking to EP on a monthly basis starting Wed 19 April. If Council has topics they wish the Chair to incorporate they can email or call him directly.  


  1. MG to provide Council with a time sheet to record extra time spent on Council activities (MG)
  2. MG to work with ACC and provide Council with more detail on charging ACC for additional time (MG).
  3. Council to provide MG with any topics for discussion prior to monthly discussion with ACC (Council).

10.0 Close and date of next meeting

The meeting closed at 4pm. The next meeting is scheduled for 7 June 2017.