Motorcycle Friendly Roads in New Zealand

In 2014, ACC teamed up with NZ Transport Agency, Automobile Association and Local Authorities to develop a way of identifying the highest risk local roads for motorists.

09 Aug 2018

In 2016, ACC and NZTA developed this work further to identify the highest risk routes for motorcycles (

ACC joined with, motorcyclists and MSAC to identify where the best bike rides were across NZ. The next step was find where Kiwi motorcyclists were riding and how often – done via a nation-wide survey. This information helped ACC develop a co-funding programme with Local Authorities and NZ Transport Agency for the highest risk, most frequently ridden motorcycle routes. 

The first phase of this programme is underway now, making 25 of these routes more motorcycle-friendly and reducing the risk for motorcyclists. Right now, 48% of serious and fatal injury to motorcyclists happens on just 3% of the roads (or just under 2800km). 

To reduce the risk, ACC is working with Local Authorities and NZ Transport Agency to encourage and co-fund the installation of motorcycle safety improvements such as safety barrier under-runs, post protectors and signage for motorcyclists. Encouraging improved and more consistent road surfaces will also make motorcycling safer in rural areas.