MSAC encourages drivers to look twice for bikes

The Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (MSAC) welcomes the return of Motorcycle Awareness Month in September by encouraging drivers to look twice for bikes.

03 Sep 2018

“More sunshine hours means more bikes on the roads, and often at the start of the warmer months drivers aren’t in the habit of keeping an extra eye out for them,” MSAC Chair Mark Gilbert says.

Now's the time for drivers to look twice, especially at intersections.

Mr Gilbert says Motorcycle Awareness Month is a great opportunity to acknowledge that there are more bikes on the roads in general as it's a convenient and cost-effective way to get around.
"It's great to see more bikes out there, but with that comes more chances of riders being involved in crashes. Drivers can help by being more aware of bikes, but it's also up to riders to do their bit."
"Riders can help keep safe by building their skills with an ACC Ride Forever course. It will help you to be a better rider and get more out of your ride," Mr Gilbert says.
Motorcycle Awareness Month is an ACC initiative with support from MSAC, local councils and ACC's Safer Journeys partners.

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