Prince Michael Safety Award for Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (MSAC)

In 2017 the MSAC Guide "Making Roads Motorcycle Friendly" was awarded the Prince Michael Road Safety Award. The awards were established in 1987 and are now an internationally recognised standard for excellence in road safety innovation.

03 Apr 2018


Mark Gilbert, Chair of MSAC, receives the Prince Michael Award, from Kenn Beer of Safe Systems Solutions, Victoria, Australia

Each year the most outstanding examples of international road safety initiatives are given public recognition through the scheme and the winners are invited to receive their award at a ceremony held in London, where the Prince announces his Premier Award for that year.

MSAC developed this document in association with the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA), based on a template being worked on by VicRoads Australia. This was socialised to all Road Controlling Authorities and roading contractors in 2016. Both MSAC and NZTA then invested funds in a demonstration project- the Southern Coromandel Loop, and more recently in the Northern Coromandel Loop. These investments in new interventions highlight safety opportunities through new design interventions in existing roads and roadsides.

MSAC is currently working with the Transport Agency to further apply these standards to New Zealand roads, by embedding the recommendations and examples in the NZTAs road design manuals.  It is critical that all contractors take on board these new recommendations so as to ensure that our roads are of a consistent standard for all motorcycle riders, limiting surprises with a focus on zero harm.

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