See a Bike, Save a Life

A campaign to help motorists be more aware of motorcyclists was launched this month.

28 Nov 2016

Summer is traditionally a much busier time of year for traffic. It’s also when you’re more likely to dust off your bike and head out onto the roads and take advantage of weather that’s much more conducive to commuting by bike. Wouldn’t it be nice to know other motorists are looking out for you?

This is the aim of ACC’s See a Bike, Save a Life summer campaign. With the help of MSAC, ACC is reminding urban motorists to keep an eye out for motorcyclists this summer.

acc see a bike poster

The messages will be carried on the back of buses in the main commuter centres from the end of November to mid-March 2017:

    Auckland – December 5 to March 12

    Hamilton – November 28 to March 5

    Wellington – November 28 to March 5

    Christchurch – December 12 to March 19