Our work

Instrumented bikes

Bikes kitted with video and GPS technology give us a "bike's eye view" of the road, so we can identify and fix hazards

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Our focus is on

Safer roads and roadsides

Collaborating with road owners to ensure that motorcyclist safety is understood, considered, and routinely factored in to road design, signage, upgrades and maintenance programmes.

Safer vehicles

Supporting research, trials and promotion of safety technology for motorcycles.

Safer road users

Educating all road users about motorcycle safety issues, and advocating on behalf of motorcyclists.

Research and evaluation

Gathering sound evidence and improving our intelligence around effective motorcycle safety strategies.

Safer Journeys for Motorcyclists

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The disproportionate number of crashes involving motorcycles is one of the reasons why the government’s road safety strategy, Safer Journeys, has prioritised motorcycling safety on our roads.